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Workshops are adapted to meet the learning goals.

Prior Speaking Engagements:
Montclare Children's School
Williamsburg Montessori
Central Park Montessori
Lefferts Gardens Montessori

Becky, Director

"Liz's workshops have been such a gift for the Williamsburg Montessori community! Her separation strategies helped our families prepare for the first days of school, providing them with thoughtful tips to help navigate this often-stressful milestone. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of early childhood development, Liz is an excellent partner to support caregivers through all stages of their child's journey." 

 5 Reasons Your child Woke Up Last Night

 Is your child keeping you from getting sleep?! Get to the bottom of what's happening and learn how to finally help your whole family sleep peacefully.


  • Sleep Science Basics
  • Behavioral Basics
  • Method Overview
  • Strategies and Tips
  • Resource PDFs
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Get Organized with Systems and Routines 

Managing a household and family is a lot of work! And you shouldn’t have to do it alone. Get the whole family to contribute (without the nagging and yelling) so you can have an organized and peaceful household. 

Learn how to:

  • Establish routines and systems that work for your unique family. 
  • Set up your home to empower your child’s independence and sense of responsibility.  
  • Create agreements rooted in your family values.
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Goodbye Diapers 

Wondering when and how to get your child from diapers to underwear? Are you questioning which “potty training” method is right for your child? This workshop will set you and your child on the path to success with this respectful, child-centered approach that helps the child learn the skills needed to use the bathroom independently. 


  • Preparation 
  • Readiness vs. Capability
  • Toileting tips
  • What to expect
  • Partnering with school
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School Readiness is More Than ABCs 

If your child is starting school or any educational program, this workshop will help you and your child prepare. We will offer action plans to prepare for daily goodbyes, have smooth mornings, and build your child’s life skills that will lead to greater success in school. 

  • Independence – basic needs
  • Routines and schedule 
  • Separation Tips
  • Communication
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Play Space Set Up 

Eliminate the constant clean up and mess AND watch your child’s play transform! Learn how to prepare a play area for your child that is developmentally appropriate, easy to maintain, and will foster independent play. 


  • List of materials for infant/toddlers.
  • List of materials for 3-6 year olds.
  • List of products to help organize items.
  • Visuals and photos.
  • Play starter scenarios.
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Customized Workshop

Hi I’m Liz Lowy, founder of Groove Parenting. I know you’re busy and want simple and effective strategies that address your unique situation. I also know you have friends that might have similar needs. I’m thrilled to offer small group workshops tailored just for you. 

In these 1 hour workshops you’ll leave with actionable steps, my list of my top related resources, and answers to your specific questions. I can’t wait to create a workshop just for you. 

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