Hi, I'm Liz.

Gentle Sleep and Potty Coach, Early childhood educator, Montessorian, Mom, and founder of Groove Parenting.

I know the challenge of staying on top of it all - while also wanting to parent using a gentle and respectful approach.

Groove Parenting coaches parents through sleep and potty training in a way that feels good for them and their child.

My Story

With three children 6 and under in NYC, I felt overwhelmed just getting out the door each morning. Two major paint points emerged - sleep and potty - and, believe it or not, we had to alter our approach with each child. I didn’t want to just get through each developmental milestone, I wanted to enjoy this time with my family. 

I leaned on my Montessori background, experience with young children, and my work with families and teachers. I also pursued my Gentle Potty and Gentle Sleep Coach certification in 2023 with Kim West, aka The Sleep Lady.

My greatest joy is helping families so they can be their best selves, even when they are busy!

Contact Me

Liz Lowy

[email protected]