Gentle Sleep Coaching

The responsive, respectful, and inclusive approach that supports a healthy attachment. 

Are you exhausted?

Do you wish your child had a more predictable nap/sleep schedule? 

Have you tried and were unsuccessful in sleep training your baby?

Are you looking for something other than cry-it-out or timed-checks?

Do you wish your child could go to sleep on their own?


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 With the Gentle Sleep Coach method you and your child will feel secure and supported.

  • Responsive to individual & developmental needs
  • Customized to personality and temperament
  • Adapts to meet unique family's needs and values

Sleep Coaching Package



  • 15 minute intro call
  • Assessment of current situation based on family history form
  • 60 minute virtual consult 
  • 3 weeks of coaching from start date
  • Customized sleep plan to fit child's temperament and family needs
  • 8 (20 min. each) follow up calls
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