Rought Night? 

Better days start with better sleep.

 Helping tired families with customized sleep and potty support.    


An alternative to cry-it-out and boot camp style approaches. 

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Rough Night?

Better days start with better sleep.


Helping tired families with customized sleep and potty support. 


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Finally, a respectful approach for your unique child.

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5 Essentials for your Baby's Sleep

Tired of feeling tired? This guide helps you set a foundation for healthy sleep.

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Groove Parenting

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Hi, I'm Liz Lowy. 

Gentle Sleep Coach¬ģ, Gentle Potty Coach, Early Childhood Educator, Montessorian

As a working mom, I know what it feels like to try to do it all. Maintaining a schedule, and staying organized, while also parenting with calm and respect felt impossible!

I founded Groove Parenting to help busy parents with the two most common pain points - sleep and potty training.

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Programs & Services

Gentle Sleep Coaching

Sleep is a basic need for everyone! I’ll work with you every step of the way so the entire family can get the rest they need using a respectful and gentle approach.

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Gentle Potty Coaching

With an individualized approach, I’ll help you and your child navigate the transition from diapers to underwear, wherever you are in the process.

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Virtual Learning

Get straight to the heart of  what your looking for with these concise courses that include impactful strategies and highlight key points. 

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Flexible offerings:

  • PRIVATE CONSULTATION:¬†Virtual or in person (NY metro).
  • WORKSHOPS:¬†In¬†person or virtual sessions¬†for small groups or school settings.

The Full Package

I want a well rested family and an organized, collaborative household.

Customized to meet your family’s unique needs and values, this in home service includes a sleep and potty plan that supports your child's independence. It begins with organization of the physical space, set up of daily systems, and a framework of family expectations, resulting in a smoother day to day family flow. This investment will set the foundation for your household to run smoothly and peacefully, finally taking some of the load off you, the parent!

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"We have a daughter who really needed to be potty trained to start school, and we had no clue where to start. Liz helped walk us through the process with patience and expertise. And now our daughter is well on her way to being fully potty trained. We can't thank her enough!"


"Liz was very helpful with our 21 month old's sleep problems. She was always available to answer questions, and never made me feel like I was doing something wrong while also clearly explaining how I could do things differently. I really appreciated the insight she showed in giving guidance relevant to my daughter and how she clearly took into account our particular circumstances and our daughter's personality. Parenthood is hard and it was really, really nice to have someone give targeted advice that worked for our family."

Anna N.

"Liz is a wonderful resource. As a new parent, I have felt overwhelmed. Parenting books and advice on social media can be confusing and sometimes contradictory. Liz’s training helped parse through the maze and left me with clear guidance about my parenting as well as schooling decisions for next year."


"Liz helped me take simple steps that drastically improved my 6 year-old and 2.5 year-old twins. It almost seemed too good to be true. Before her help, I had a seemingly endless to-do list to get us out the door and never felt in control of anything. As soon as I implemented her tips, there was an instant improvement. The system I now have in place not only supports me and makes me feel more confident, but it is also helping to build independence and agency in my kids. I can't thank her enough."


Liz is fantastic. After each consultation with Liz, she provided us with a few items to implement, and we noticed immediate improvement in our son's sleep and general mood! In a matter of weeks, our 6-month-old went from needing to be rocked to sleep and waking up multiple times/night to falling asleep independently and sleeping 12 uninterrupted hours. Our baby had reflux and colic, so we felt strongly about a gentle sleep training approach, and Liz provided specific tools and advice geared toward our case. She meets you where you are (she even downloads whatever sleep-tracking app you are using!), and is incredibly kind and supportive of your and your child's needs. Thank you, Liz!


"Gentle potty training from Liz is super helpful to guide you through the process. It eases my uncertainty and empowers my kids to listen to their own bodies. Highly recommend!"

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