What is School Readiness? Part 1

May 08, 2023

This is an important question when families are considering Kindergarten programs, and even toddler and nursery programs. As my fellow New Yorkers (who have little ones) navigate the public and private school circuit, they are faced with the prospect of school playdates and/or testing as a factor in determining if the child is a good fit for the program - or if the child is ready for that kind of school. While these school playdates may include assessments, schools aren't just looking for academic skills and knowledge.

What does School Readiness for Kindergarten really mean? It means more than just ABC's, shapes and colors. Several organizations - including the U.S. Dep't of Education - explain how school readiness occurs when children have the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for success in school and in life. The American Academy of Pediatrics and The Head Start Early Learning and Knowledge Center describe how a combination of early experiences, community support, and family connection can influence school readiness.

So they are saying is we can influence our child's readiness for school at a young age. Great news!!!!

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In the meantime, here are some questions to consider when thinking about your child's school readiness:

  • How does my child approach new situations? New people?
  • How does my child engage socially? With adults? With peers?
  • Can my child care for belongings and basic needs in an age appropriate way?
  • Does my child have interests and what shows this?
  • Does my child enjoy stories and books?
  • Can my child follow a simple direction?
  • Does my child use language in a meaningful way?
  • Can my child keep up with other children in the park? Physically and socially?
  • When something is difficult, how does my child respond?

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