3 Reasons Why You Should Potty Train in Winter

Nov 29, 2023

There is something about pee accidents, changing clothes, and potty training that makes us shudder when we are living in below freezing temps (referring to us east coasters). I don’t blame those who absolutely refuse to potty train their child in the cold winter months.

If you’re one of these people keep reading! You might be missing out on the many up sides to potty training in winter.


Don’t miss this opportunity to potty train your child just because it’s cold outside! 

  1.  Your child is less likely to be dehydrated. We know the summer months can be scorchers here in NYC. It takes a lot of fluids – A LOT- for me to really feel the urge. When it’s cold, that feeling is strong. Consider little ones who are just learning how to recognize these urges.
  2.  You are home more often.

Winter is often a time when there are minimal life changes happening. Families are less likely to move, travel, and/or start a new school. For the most part, people stay home more when it’s cold.

  1.  Your toddler shows signs of readiness. Sometimes your toddler might show signs of interest or initiation. Don’t miss this opportunity to go with it and reinforce their newfound confidence. Even if you’re not quite ready to ditch the diapers, there is a lot you can do to build this excitement and independence when using the potty.


Check out my Potty Training Readiness Checklist


This Wet Bag is a staple in our family.

I have used these wet bags for years as Go Kits, for wet clothes or bathing suits, and just to have an extra outfit (also helpful when traveling!).


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