4 Ways You Save With a Gentle Potty Coach

Jul 28, 2023

 How many times do we try to DIY and the end result did not meet our goal? It is frustrating to spend time and money on something and then needing additional support anyway.

In a recent conversation with an interior designer, she pointed out how her clients save so much by working with her: money spent on furniture that doesn’t fit the space, time spent researching and managing orders, and frustration spent over a home that doesn’t meet the family’s needs. She went on to say how in addition to the immediate savings, her clients told her years later that they were more successful because they could work more efficiently and could host business meetings in their home.

There is a reason why these professionals and niche markets exist – there’s a need (people who don’t have the knowledge or expertise) and there’s the help (experienced, trained experts). For example, the lawyer I hired to help me with my small business! She knew exactly what I needed and how to make sure I was covered – and, I know that if I expand my business or have other legal questions, she will be a valuable resource that will save me time, energy, aggravation and potentially thousands of dollars in legal fees! 

Here's my point - we seek out professionals for so many areas in life:  attorneys, therapists, personal trainers, career coaches, guidance counselors, tutors, plumbers, and so on. It’s time to normalize professional potty coaches for parents.

Working with a Gentle Potty Coach will lead to these 4 big savings:

  1.  Time

You could go down the rabbit hole searching for the right potty training method for your child. As a parent with young children you are always busy! You literally can’t take your eyes of your child when you are with them, which means you must get everything else done when you’re not with them. I’m guessing you don’t have all the time in the world to spend hours and hours researching and reading case studies. The wonderful part of having a one-on-one coach is getting a customized plan, adapted to your child’s personality and family values, with support along the way.

  1.  Energy

Guess what? Coaching is all about teaching your child to be self-aware and independent. When you have a plan and someone is supporting you each step of the way, you can actually sit back and relax  - and trust the process! Less energy spent hovering over your child, cleaning up messes, and frantically running from one bathroom to the next. A coach will set you up for success in a realistic way that works for your current family situation.

  1.  Money (not talking about diapers here)

We’ve all wasted money on something that sounded good but didn’t really help our unique situation. The How To books, online courses, podcasts, and more. You may have learned a thing or two but consider the total cost of everything combined and the value you gained. Now consider getting answers to your specific questions and situation from someone who knows what works. That is a high value gain.

  1.  Stress

This is the winning reason in my opinion. Working with a coach frees up potential power struggles and strain between you and your child = STRESS! A coach can help you coach your child to use the potty with confidence. On top of all that, a Gentle Potty Coach can help avoid common potty problems which can cause stress for your child.


Extra Credit! The strategies you learn are ones that translate to other areas of parenting that extend beyond the bathroom. 






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