How to Avoid Potty Problems: Use Gentle Potty Coaching

Jul 13, 2023

With so many potty training methods out there, it’s tempting to pick one that suits your lifestyle and jump in. EASY, right?!

Well, wouldn’t it be nice if our kids could get with the program or spontaneously learn to pee and poop in the toilet the same way they learn to walk? If you have a little one, you’ve probably swapped enough stories with fellow parents to know every child is different.

That’s why Gentle Potty Coaching: The Intuitive Toilet Learning Method is the best one for you. Here’s what it’s all about:

  • Adaptable and personalized to child’s temperament.
  • Empowers child to be self-aware, confident and intrinsically motivated
  • Supportive of parents, even if they tried potty training and got stuck.
  • Respectful and shame-free
  • Accommodates a wide age range.
  • Responsive to child’s needs and feelings
  • No time constraints or rigid schedules
  • Inclusive and culturally competent
  • Considers sensory sensitivities.

And just to be clear, this method is not permissive or child-led. Parents can certainly lead the way, especially when their child is showing signs of readiness, and even if their child shows no interest.

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