1 Tool to Relieve Parental Burden

Sep 15, 2023

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A family calendar relieves parental burden.  

I love my iCal app. When someone asks me about my plans, even if it’s for the following day, I always look at my calendar. I rely on it. There is absolutely no way I’m taking up mental energy trying to remember my appointments or tasks. And then you add in 3 kids, a partner, and a dog. It’s stressful and exhausting managing everyone's obligations and appointments. Just mentally storing them is a huge burden. After my son suggested we have a monthly meeting where we share our events and appointments, we began writing it all out on a paper calendar.  

Here are my two big takeaways: 

1. I stopped stressing out about telling my children about events, obligations or upcoming trips.  

2. They began to support each other when they had their own events, games, and performances.  




I like this simple, inexpensive paper calendar that can lay open in the mornings, and can be folded up when we have company. It is also easy to write in and has the monthly view (important for an overview of what’s ahead!). Each family member has a color!



For little ones try using stickers (soccer ball for soccer, airplane for trips etc.). They’ll start to recognize which color is for which family member. 

**If you have calendar tips please share them!

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